How to Edicure
How to edicure - apply your edible manicure - Bon Bon Bomb

How to Edicure

1. Wash and dry your hands

You want them clean and as dry as possible before you start.

2. Pick your tip

Remove the Edicure nail tips from their packet. Select the tip that most closely fits the nail you want to decorate.

3. Warm up the glue

Take one sheet of glue out of the packet, in its paper covering. (Don't worry if it cracks, you only need small pieces). Warm the glue up until it is soft enough to bend. You can do this by holding the paper-wrapped glue between your fingers or the palms of your hands — or if you are having a cup of tea, on the outside of your mug. The glue doesn’t need to be very soft, just pliable.

4. Put glue on your nail

Once it is warm, you can break or pull off a small amount of glue. You won’t need much - less than the size of your nail. Stick the glue onto your nail. Press and hold it down firmly to make sure it sticks. NB It will stick to your fingers a bit - don’t worry, you can just lick them or use a bit of tissue or a cloth dampened with water. Also, any left over glue will reharden and can be used, or eaten, later.

If you find the glue too fiddly, you can substitute small pieces of a soft chew sweet, e.g. a Chewit or Fruittella

5. Stick on the nail tip

Hold your chosen nail tip by the sides and press on gently. Be careful not to press too hard, and try not to push down from the top as that could make it crack. Once it has attached to the glue, you can shift the tip to get it straight and into the right place.

6. Repeat

Repeat the process on all your nails. You're done!

Top tips for the perfect Edicure

  • Be gentle. Edicures are reasonably robust, but they can snap if you apply too much pressure when you press them on. Make sure to only press them on from the sides, rather than the top.
  • How long your Edicures last depends on a few factors, including how quickly you eat them off.
  • If you want to take a break from your Edicure but aren’t ready to eat them yet, you can slide them off your fingernails and the glue should stay stuck to the nail tips. When you want to put them back on, you can lick the glue or press it gently with your fingers to make it sticky, and replace the tips.
  • The warmth from your hands may loosen the glue, depending on their temperature. It will reharden if your hands cool.
  • Both the glue and the nails are entirely edible. But if you don’t fancy eating them, they are also entirely biodegradable. The glue dissolves easily with water - warm water is quickest - or you can just lick them clean. Tasty. If you have any stuck to your fingers, a damp tissue or cloth will wipe it off. The tips will dissolve in water too, though not as quickly. Be aware that in water the decorative colours may run and may stain clothes.
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